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Help with hallmarks

ot this bud vase today that looks like silver, Not sure if it is or not. If anyone knows these marks please help I can not make out the bottom part. The vase is very heavy almost 14 ounces. The left mark has a C with scales in the middle and a C on the end. Stars on top of tha and two branch’s underneath… The other mark is a 7? With a line underneath. The last word I can not make out. Looks something like CHROSTONE? Thanks. I figured out it is CHRISTOFLE . when looking up the marks it gives the cc hallmark for both sterling and silver plate. Plus all numbers all double digits and not single numbers. If anyone knows more about this, whether sterling or plate plus age it would be a big help.

This article on another site might help. I think that had your vase been silver there would have been some sort of indication of the fact such as a set of French standard marks, so I conclude that it is most likely electroplate.

Thanks for the info. The marks that kinda match the one on the vase do not match the one I have. Very similar but the mark on the vase I have does not have the numbers in-between the scales. Guessing it is electroplate but wondering why the marks are different. Would like to date the piece. If anyone knows when this mark without the numbers in-between it would be a big help.