Help with ID Mark? And background? American Coin?


Here is a photo of the mark on a spoon in our families flatware. This is a single spoon and it does have the monogram of one of our relatives on the spoon handle.
Im trying to date it and I’m wondering if the maker is really Edward Davis Newburyport, MA, and would that have meant our relative lived in and around that area? Our genealogy research doesnt show MA, it shows more a New York and New Jersey trail from the early 1680s and on. Maybe that’s too much info, but this would be the oldest piece in the collection (maybe?) and I am curious to fill in holes.

  1. Is Edward Davis the maker?
  2. What do you think the date range is?
  3. Could you only buy/acquire this spoon in that local region? Or no, these were sold widely on the east coast in 1700s or 1800s?
  4. And just to cover all the bases, would these have been shipped to UK/Ireland?