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Help with id silver hallmarks

Hi could someone help with these unusual hallmarks first mark forks and spoons the second is ladel 20200201_160553|375x500 i cant seem to find anything similar thankyou

Your first picture is of an electroplater’s mark. It has not been identified but is probably British.

The second image is of a Dutch .833 standard silver hallmark. This style of hallmark was in use from 1815 to 1953. The square mark on the left is the maker’s mark; I can’t find a record for VF but you may be able to research it yourself. The circular mark at the right is the date code which looks to me as if it is “a” for 1860.

For information on Dutch hallmarking see here and here.


Thanks for the information I thought the second being the soup ladle may be york silver mark with the lion facing to the right looks similar to some york hallmarks I have seen what are your thoughts cheers

Are you sure the 1st is eloctroplate it appears to be sterling and cleans like sterling I can’t see any base metal on worn areas

Is it possible the 1st pic is also dutch

Your second mark is definitely Dutch - the lion in the six-sided punch is used nowhere else.

Electroplate cleans like sterling because it has silver on the surface, and the base metal is probably a white metal which will also take a polish. It is possible that it is by a Dutch maker as it hasn’t been identified. However it is also definitely not silver.