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Help with identification of Russian Silver mark on crystal bowl

Hi, first topic so go easy :slight_smile:

I’m looking for any help anyone could lend in identification of the Silver marks on a crystal bowl.
So far I think (using existing sites) I believe the following:
First mark I think is a Kappa (X) for regional origin (Odessa).
Next one in the diamond looks like E4, but not sure what this is? Maybe an import mark?
Head in the round i think backs up the regional mark as it looks like the Odessa Kokoshnik.
Finally the makers name, I have absolutely no idea. Looks like (poorly translated): Flrrig?
F - (Ф)
l - (Л)
r - (п)
er - (P)
i - (І)
g - (Г)

Any help much appreciated.

Any one with any idea on this?