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Help with Identifying Crown Makers Mark & Material

I have a set of 3 shakers. They are marked with a single crown on the bottoms. They are 5" tall X 2.5" diameter. They are tarnished, but the bottoms and insides are very shiny silver. I did the ice cube test and an ice cube melts rapidly when placed against the shaker. I found these at an estate sale and the lady was German, but I don’t know if these were from Germany. I have looked all over the Internet, but am unable to find anything. Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

This crown mark has come up before but has not yet been identified with a manufacturer.Your pieces are not silver as there is no indication of silver fineness so they must be electroplated. Note that, as electroplate has a thin surface layer of pure silver, it can be cleaned in exactly the same way as silver - with a good quality silver polish. I recommend that you do so as they will look so much better when shiny.


Thank you so much for the quick response and information! & I will definitely polish them!! :slight_smile:

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