Help with identifying hallmarks and the item itself

I would much appreciate help figuring out what this silver cup is. It was something of my grandmothers that I have kept makeup in for 40 years and recently decided to look more closely. I polished it and saw the embossed scene played out across the cup. I can’t decide what era the scene depicts. The cup is 3 inches high. I have tried for hours and hours to identify the hallmarks to no avail. If any of you experienced souls could help, you would bring a huge smile to this tired human’s face! It’s fun to investigate but also exhausting! If okay, I’ll post more things. I try to do it on my own but I’m at a point of needing help. Thank you, Lucia.

I can’t help with what exactly is depicted here although the dress styles look to me to be 17th or 18th century.

The marks on the cup are Hanau fantasy marks. Hanau (in Germany) was a centre of silver manufacture in the late 19th and early 20th century. The silversmiths did not follow a set hallmarking system so we see all sorts of combinations of marks, often inspired by earlier German markings. This particular set of marks has been noted but is unidentified although the crowned N may be a mark of Neresheimer & Sohne. Numerical silver standard marks are sometimes used but are clearly not present here so it is not possible to tell you the silver fineness - probably lower than sterling (925/1000) though.



Thank you so much for taking the time to help shine some light on this cup. I’d been circling the German silversmiths for the past few days but nearly drive myself and my eyes crazy looking for specifics. Now I have them; hooray!

Much appreciated,