Help with Identifying marks please!

I would love someone to help identify the marks on this spoon. I believe it’s sterling silver…magnet does not stick. It’s a large spoon…Cooper Bros, Sheffield England is marked on one side…and 5 markings on the other. I see that there’s an “A”…does that represent a year? & is one of the marks a lion head or a crown? Does one represent Sterling Silver? I’d appreciate any knowledgable information. Thank you

No, this spoon is electroplated. The “A” is a manufacturer-defined guide to plating thickness. The other marks read ( C ) ( Bros ) ( S ) for Cooper Brothers, Sheffield, and (EP) for electroplate.


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So is electroplated mean it’s silver plated? Im wanting to sell it and need to know how to describe it. Also, how much it’s worth in your opinion please?

See my reply to your other query.

Yes, I did see your former reply. However, can you possibly identify the 3rd mark? & would you be able to estimate the value of this spoon?

I have identified all of the marks on your spoon except for the self-explanatory one giving maker and location. Its value will be similar to that of the fork in your other post.

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