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Help With Identifying Origin of Silver Anklet

I bought this ankle bracelet about 10 years ago and was told that it was silver from India. That is all I have to go on except the engraved markings which I am not sure are a Hallmark or a Makers Mark or both.
Can someone help me to identify the maker of this bracelet, the country of origin, the year it was made, if it is indeed silver or not, as well as explaining to me the difference between a Hallmark and a Maker’s Mark in general. Do all silver items have both on them, and specifically, what does this item have on it?

Larger Versions Of Photos:
Stamp #1 on side of anklet: … 9446193266

Stamp #2 on clasp of anklet: … 2117777986

Hi there Shelly and thanks for joining us. The term “hallmark” is reserved for the legal assay marks on English siliver which typically are the lion passant, a purity mark denoting that it is “sterling” or 92.5% silver, the city mark showing the city in which the item was assayed by the government agency, and a date letter showing the year it was assayed. These are the “hallmarks”. In addition, English silver will usually have a “Maker’s Mark” - initials or a symbol showing who made it. The marks on silver from other countries are actuallty Trademarks and Purity Marks. For example, American sterling silver made by Mauser of New York has a tiny stamp of a unicorn on it which is Mauser’s trademark. It will also have the word “sterling” stamped on it showing its 92.5% pure silver, the same purity as the English sterling. Most American and other non-English silver is not dated.

The absence of a purity mark usually means it is not solid silver but rather silver plate or some other white metal such as pewter.

I do not recognize the marks on your bracelet. Perhaps some of our readers can help?


Uncle Vic

Thanks for all the info Uncle Vic. I never payed much attention in the past to markings except 925 for silver. This has got me really interested now. :slight_smile: