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Help with identifying silver coloured teapot, odd marks

Please help with identifying this teapot.

The marks in the picture are printed on the bottom. On top of the marks is “4” and underneath them is “01006”.
I will try to upload another image of the teapot itself.

silver stamps 2.jpg

Here is the Silver coloured teapot.
silver teapot.jpg

This is the electroplate mark for Deykin & Sons of Birmingham. The other numbers, I would suggest, are pattern numbers.

Thanks John- I would never have guessed the letters were D&S! I spent hours looking, and got nowhere. Do you have any idea of what the teapot might be worth?

Thanks again


Giving a value to electroplate is quite difficult. You may find something sufficiently close in the completed section of the well known online auction site.

Just a nit-picking correction, if I may. The letters are D&H for Deykin & Harrison. This company succeeded Deykin & Sons in 1895.

Value is difficult with electroplate. Everything depends on the condition of the plating, but even in perfect condition I would not expect to see much more than £10-£20.


Thanks Phil