Help with marks on Sugar tongs

Good morning all,
I am having a difficult time identifying a hallmark on a pair of sugar tongs. I am 99% sure that it is silverplate/electroplate, but the makers mark says otherwise. It reads as follows: W.G (in a shield), S (in an oval), a star (within an oval) B (in oval) and finally I think this is BP or maybe EP (on it’s side and in an oval). I have attached a photo in hopes that someone can help me identify this piece.
Any help would be appreciated.
sugar tongs.JPG

First off I am not experienced AT ALL in most silver marks. But tonight I found a very useful site that has clear pictures of some British marks (still looking for a similar site for American marks). Here is a link.

I hope it helps you.

Thank you for the link. I’ll look at it right away. And thank you for anwsering the post.