Help With Napkin Ring

Can you please possibly put a date on this napkin ring that I bought today at an antiques fair for AU$20. I think it is Sheffield 1838 but I would like to know for sure and a maker if possible as well. I might be asking a lot but thanks in advance.
SAM_0393 (500x375).jpg

HA is Atkin Brothers of Sheffield. I can’t make out the date letter, but as you think it is 1838 I assume it is an “s”. That would make it 1910. However it looks more like “f” to me; that would be 1898. It’s definitely from the series 1893-1917 so if it’s any other letter you can do the calculation yourself remembering that there was no “j”.

Hey there.

yes it is an “f”. I forgot to put that on didnt I. Thanks :slight_smile: