Help with silver 18th century hallmark L with crown and "?M"

Hi, I have been searching in google for ever but cannot find anything that resembles this silver hallmark. It’s in a fish slice with a popular design from first half of 18th century but the pattern does not seem European. Many thanks for the help.

I think this is Portuguese, assayed in Lisbon - but I could be wrong.


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It came from Portugal - but I thought had been gifted from abroad. Still can’t find similar hallmarks. Thank you.

Found it! Extracted from “Guide to Silver Marks of the World” by Jan Divis:


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Indeed, found also the hallmarks per date in a French site. I think this one is 1814/6.
Thanks for the help, mystery solved.

Marcas Contrastes Ourives Portugueses by Vidal Manuel Goncalves 2 Vols
Published by Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda 1996 will tell you who the maker is.