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Help with silver markings

I have an old sterling silver pocket watch but unable to identify any of the markings on the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The dial has no makers name and the movement only has 15 jewels and FFF marked on it.


The FF mark is a Glasgow import mark so h is the date letter for 1930/31.

A11M is not listed in Glasgow’s register but this and similar unregistered marks, including A2M, A5M, A10M, have been noted on Glasgow imported watches. (Register keeping doesn’t seem to have been a priority at Glasgow.) However the Edinburgh Assay Office has a record of an A5M mark registered to J Véron Grauer, forwarding agents of Le Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. Le Chaux de Fonds was, and still is, the home to many watch making companies.

My source for the information on the sponsor’s/importer’s mark is “British Watch Case Makers 1670 to 1970” by Philip T. Priestley, published by NAWCC, 2018.


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Thank you Phil for your help. I did forget to mention it does say on the dial of the watch ‘Swiss Made’ so this does tie-in with your research.

Many thanks