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help with silver marks

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday my mum and I went to an auction where she bought a box of old silver plate stuff.
With in the box was a handheld candle stick, one like wee willy winkie carrys mum informs me, with silver marks or silver plates marks we need help with.

I tried photographing it but couldn’t get a good shot so I will try to explain…

First hallmark is the picture of a (crown with B&C under it)
The second Hall mark is of a (gothic C)
Thrid Hallark is of a ( gothic M)
Forth hallmmark is of what looks to ( & and gothic C and a smaller normal font c)
Fifth hallmark is of a ®

If anyone could help my mum and figure of what these marks me, I would be very greatful.

Thankyou Kindly.
-Jessica La Rocca

This sounds as if it could be an Elkington electroplate mark. B&Co is probably E&Co and the other marks are EM&Co with R being the Elkington date code for 1856. Check out this page to confirm my suspicions.

I can’t believe it! thankyou so much.
You were spot on.
That link took me straight to the mark I was looking at.
You sure know your silver!!
Thanks so much!!

-Jessica :slight_smile: