help with silver spoons

Hi, I would appreciate any information about some spoons I bought. They don’t have an assay mark on them so I assume they aren’t silver, but I can’t see EP or EPNS anywhere so am struggling to see what they are made of or when.

Any help appreciated.



Hi there,
Your ‘EP’ is placed above the ‘A1’ (grade of silver plate), which is inverted in the photo. The mark ‘S’ adjacent to it normally indicates Sheffield silverplate. The other marks (maker’s marks), which look like gothic style ‘ESS’, are unknown to me I’m afraid.
Your other photo, I would suggest, shows the pattern number of the items - which could possibly be researched online.
Best regards

THat’s really helpful, many thanks

This is the manufacturer’s mark of Smith, Seymour Ltd of Sheffield. See … ml#UNI3148

I believe that the second picture shows a design registration number. If I’m reading it correctly as 898207 then that number was issued in 1960 so your spoons were made at some time after that.