Help with Silver tea sets.

I have two tea sets that I need some help with:

The first is a set with halfmark

E.P.N.S. A1
Made in

Tea Pot with black handle which also has stamp 29 and what looks like T (See Scan)
Coffee Pot with black handle which also has stamp 57 (See Scan)
Milk Jug
Sugar bowl
Sugar Tongs
The latter three have only top stamp.

Can you date, and provide makers name, I tried looking it up, note the top of black
handle is flush all the way down, any I could see the top was inset about half an inch.

The second is:

Meriden B. Company 3 piece tea set, what does the AM in script lettering on the side of all three pieces. 1929 is under the Company Hallmark on all three is this the year the tea set was made.

Many thanks for any help
Picture of three.gif
Bottom Scan of Hallmark252.gif

EPNS is ElectroPlated Nickel Silver and A1 is a quality indicator so there are no clues whatsoever to the maker or age.

You don’t provide a clear enough picture of the marks on the second set but AM is probably an owner’s initials and 1929 is most likely a pattern number. Unless it says sterling anywhere on it this too is plated.

Many thanks The AM is interesting I attach a side view
Side View Showing AM254.gif

Definitely an owner’s initials.

Many Thanks, any idea what the mark after 69 is on the tea pot.
crop of hallmark.jpg

Try looking at it the other way up:

I think 169 is probably a pattern number.

Many thanks, the coffee pot has 57 on it so it took it the the tea pot was 69.
Again many thanks for you help.