Help with the hallmark

Hi, can someone help with this hallmark?

Thank you.

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Hello, I found your hallmark is SHREVE & CO - San Francisco, CA.

Business started in 1852 by George C. and Samuel Shreve. Until the 1880s the firm was focused on retailing. By 1881, when Albert J. Lewis entered in the partnership, they opened a factory for the producion of jewelry and, from 1883, of silverware. The firm was incorporated in 1894. In 1908 they purchased [Vanderslice & Co]. In 1912 the company was sold to the J.E. Hickingbotham family and in 1967 to Dayton Hudson of Minneapolis.

by: American sterling silver: marks and hallmarks of US makers: Sa-Sh

Thanks for your help. Sorry I didn’t know that your reply is here. Didn’t get notification, have to check the settings.
And do you have any clue what does numbers are about? I think once you asked for identification with lion and the numbers.
Phil said its an American manufacturer.

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You already helped me at an English perfumery, but it was precisely by looking at the American manufacturer to try to identify the item you mentioned that I found the manufacturer of your item. :slight_smile: I think the numbers should be serial numbers.

So they are only a serial numbers.
I don’t know what year it could be and was thinking if those numbers can revel something.
Thanks anyway for reply. P

Well, serial numbers would be my bet. But it’s difficult to find material about serial numbers, even for large brands, at least I’ve looked for Christofle’s serial numbers and found practically nothing.