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Help with the markings on these spoons and forks

HI Guys,
I was gifted these spoons and forks from an aging friend who thought they may have been old. Looking at the ware on the end of the big one, it has certainly had some use. The first two spoons may be silver. the next spoon and the forks are marked EP or EPNS. The last pic is of what looks to be an etch on the shaft of the 3rd spoon, I thought possibly a company name or logo.
Any advice on the age and makers would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

No sign of any silver here, John, so they are all either electroplated or pure base metal alloy. Apart from your last picture in which I cannot see anything the others are:

JR&S: John Round & Son of Sheffield.
M&Co: not known to me
W&Co: C P Walker & Co of Sheffield
M&W: possibly Mappin & Webb
EFN: unidentified