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Help with these marks please

Hi There

I have been doing some research on the marks for a set of silver tongs we have aquired. Having dug around on the Internet I think they are sterling silver from around 1830. I’m stuck on the date stamp and can’t seem to find anything that really matches the stamp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


One picture on one side of the tongs is the silver marks and the other side of the tongs has the makers mark.

I’ve added another picture with some script on the outside. This may help the date although I cant make out the letters too well.

Hi Peter,

I can confirm that the hallmark is a London sterling silver mark from 1830. WE is probably William Esterbrook, but could also have been William Eley II (“II” because he was the son of William Eley I).

It was normal that the hallmark was on one side of the tongs and the maker’s mark on the other. Tongs were sent to the assay office unbent and then formed into their shape on their return to the maker.

Hi There

Thank you very much for clarifying the marks. Much appreciated.