Help with this cup

Looking for help with some of these markings on this cup with pierced silver. Ftom my research it looks to me made in Edinburgh in 1861 by an unknown maker but I would like to know what the first mark is and what does the “F” mean? Does anyone know what the last mark is? On the other side of the base it is stamped 930, is this the purity of the silver?

I think your fingers typed 1861 when they should have typed 1891 for the assay date. The “F” is an import mark and 930 is the silver standard. 930 is a Dutch silver standard so I suspect that the other marks may be Dutch marks although I have not been able to trace them. Interestingly the fish in a tree mark may be some sort of acknowledgement of the Glasgow assay office mark. As you have noted HJ is unknown but I have previously seen it on another 1891 imported piece.

Thanks! I appreciate your help.