help with walter & hall teapot

a pic at last! (found another free resize that my computer liked!)
Can anyone help with the year of this teapot
Thank You
008 (1).jpg

The design registration number 134707 was issued in 1889. The teapot could have been made at any time after that. It is electroplated, not silver.

Hi thank you for your help. under the 618 i cut off in the photo the number 5 then 78
would this indicate a year? also scratched very faintly in to the bas are the letters x followed by m/v/t followed by the number 348 would this indicate a year?
Thank You

It is unlikely that the unseen numbers would represent a date in any way. Stamped numbers are normally assumed to be factory stock/pattern IDs and a scratched number would be a later addition, perhaps an inventory marking by an owner. Walker & Hall had their own date code system comprising series of letters in different shaped punches, but they did not mark everything they produced.

Thank you for your help