Help with what this is and is it mostly worthless?

Hi everyone
I’ve got to a certain age and decided to declutter, get rid, trim the vast majority of stuff that I’ve held onto from my parents’ deaths in 1988 and 1993.

I’ve found it quite cathartic tbh and maybe I should have done it many many years ago.

Just one unknown thing outstanding. Is the attached a cigarette case? and is it basically cheap stuff? when would it be from? Is it even silver or do I need to skulk away from here?! :wink:

Any help appreciated. I think I’ve googled that it’s British, Fenton Brothers EPNS.

Any opinions please? Thanks in advance.

EPNS = electroplated nickel silver so it’s not silver, and it is a cigarette case. FF is Frederick Field of Birmingham or his successor company Frederick Field Ltd. With the initials it would be of little interest to pretty well everybody and of course it has no melt value. Dating electroplate accurately is impossible but mid 20th century fits the style and FF’s working dates.


Thanks very much for the information and for taking the time to reply, Phil.