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I have a 5-petaled “dish” engraved by Elkington & Co with a commemorative coin in the centre marking the 1901 Visit to the Colonies by the Duke and Duchess of York, created by E. Fuchs.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I also have a silver Wembley 1925 “flower holder??”
I am looking to sell/auction both…any ideas?
I am having trouble adding pics so please email me and I will forward pictures to you.

Hi Craig,

We are having trouble with attaching pictures at the moment. However if you have them on a remote hosting site such as Photobucket or you can include the pictures in your post using the IMG tag. For example

Perhaps you can try this in a new post in the “What’s it Worth” section of the site?

Picture attachment is now working - just make sure your picture’s maximum dimension (height or width) is 500 pixels or less.