Henry Clifford Davis - silver dressing table set?

Hi - I have recently purchased a beautiful enamelled dressing table set made by Henry Clifford Davis of Birmingham which I am convinced is solid silver but unfortunately is only marked HCD ENGLAND no hallmark. Does anyone know if the company ever made silver plated goods maybe in the 50’s and 60’s prior to their closure in the 70’s? Many thanks for any help you can offer. Regards Steffen

They definitely also made electroplated items. There are several examples currently on Ebay although no dressing table sets. The clincher is the fact that there is no hallmark. This confirms that your purchase is not silver.


Many thanks for your response Phil, I agree without hallmarks it must be plate but the quality is so good it really is hard to believe that they made such things in anything other than silver. I’ll check out the Ebay listings as you suggest. Thanks again. Steffen