Henry Wilkinson & Co


I recently purchased this Henry Wilkinson & Co pitcher from an estate sale. I noticed on the bottom a few engravings which I’ve not seen before. Just under the HW & Co hallmark, there is a number W7/55. There is also a number at the top 536797. I know in general electroplated silver is less valuable but is it possible that this is a rare piece that may be worth something? Does anyone know if Henry Wilkinson & Co numbered their pieces or put serial numbers on them? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Both of the numbers you mention are hand-made and were almost certainly added at some point after the piece’s acquisition by its owner. They may be inventory marks or possibly even pawn shop marks. In any case they have no significance of any value today.


Thanks for your reply. Do you not think it’s at all possible that it was done when they made it? I can’t find examples of this piece anywhere online.

No, the marks are far too crudely formed to have been made in the factory.