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Henry Williamson Knives 1921 Sheffield

[color=blue]Hi there…Just got another piece of silver. But I’m not sure if they are the real McCoy. It’s a set of six knives in a fitted case. Not sure what the pattern is called. They are hallmarked for Sheffield 1921 and by Henry Williamson Ltd. I could’nt get a good shot of the marks unfortunately. the main hallmark with the maker’s mark appears on one side of the handle. On the other side of the handle appears the Lion Passant and the date letter “d” only. There are no marks on the blade. However there does appear to be some corrosion of the blades which suggest that they may not be solid silver but merely plated. Is this likely and does it render this set worthless. I thought that if the handles were sterling but the blades plated that this would be marked on the item. Thanking you in advance…gino

DSCI0117 (Small).JPG