HERBERT, London silversmith, 1700s

I’m tracing my family history, and have come across a manufacturer of silver buttons, HERBERT & CO, of London and Birmingham.
There is also a silversmith named Samuel HERBERT, working in London from around 1745 to 1786.
Does anyone know anything further of these two HERBERTs? Are they the same? Are they connected?
Specifically, does anyone know anything about the personal life of any HERBERT silversmiths and/or button manufacturers? I’m hoping to find a marriage into the CLARKE family of London.
Any tips appreciated. Thanks-- Jane

samuel herbert registered in london in 1747, he the registered again as samuel herbert & co in 1750 so im guessing yes they are the same person. Henry herbert is another registered in london in 1734. Unfortunatly i cant tell you nothing else about them.

Charity C–
Thank you for the clues. Any little bit of information may turn out to be valuable in family history research.

“Samuel Herbert, London silversmith, apprenticed 1736 to Edward Aldridge I, of the Clothworkers Company, and goldsmith of Gutter Lane. Free 1744. 1st mark as largeworker entered 1747. 2nd mark as Samuel Herbert & Co 1750 (initials SH.HB), in parnership with Henry Bailey who was apprenticed to and then journeyman to Edward Aldridge (the Constable’s Book for the precinct of St Leonard’s, which included the southern part of Foster Lane, includes Bayley and Herbert in the list of New Comers in 1750. In 1763 Herbert took Burrage Davenport as apprentice. Herbert’s workshop specialised in pierced platework particularly baskets and some epergnes.”

Multiple sources.