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Hester Bateman and repousse

I am interested in buying a teapot that is marked to be Hester Bateman and dated 1784. It has a silver handle and has repousse all over but does not bear any marks of the company that may have modified it. I understand that a characteristic of Bateman’ s work is the neo-classical simplicity. Does this exclude the possibility that repousse work was not done under her supervision. I am hoping to view Shure’s book on Bateman but would appreciate any knowledge. I am rather new to collecting.
Thank you

Modification of older silver using repoussé work was often done in Victorian times to adapt plain pieces to the more florid taste then current. There would not normally be any indication of when it was done or by whom. I would view the teapot with suspicion although I cannot say for certain whether the work was likely to have been done around the time of manufacture. However you should not let any potential lack of complete authenticity put you off a purchase if you like it.

Thank you very much for your reply. I am not sure about the value of collecting a piece that has been so thoroughly modified. I imagine it diminishes the value of the piece significantly and makes it less collectible. It is a very nice piece but only the shape resembles Bateman’s work and the marks. Again thanks for taking the time to respond.

Value may be diminished in some eyes but not others - it all depends what are your aims in collecting; if you are looking for an investment then maybe silver is not necessarily a good idea.

Good point however I don’t believe any “collector” buys a new piece for their collection without considering the value, both aesthetic and monetary, of such item without it having it considered an “investment”. It is evident by all the posts of “what’s it worth” all over this site’s forum.