Hi and hello (need help in marks on a bracelet)

hi and hello great site by the way

need some help on a bracelet i have. its a very hard mark to see so small in had so much fun in trying to photo it hahaha anyway here is the picture

from what i can find its about 1800s A K little know makers

is there anybody sill out there ???

after reading many post on here over the last couple of days i am wondering if the marks are english or real. there is not date letter and it looks like a old leopard heads making it from before 1824

It bears a passing resemblance to a London hallmark but there is not enough detail to be sure. The form of the mark would be consistent with a hallmark from after 2000 when the date letter and lion passant marks were no longer compulsory. However the mark which would be the uncrowned leopard’s head mark of London is not the right shape and the head itself seems to be too large within the border.


thanks for your time phil

maybe its not english and the bracelet looks scandinavian in style ? here is the picture of the bracelet its a real puzzle because i have never seen the shape of the links before