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Hi - history of these hallmarks please.

Well, I have just found this site as I am trying to find the history of a hunting crop I have. So far I have learnt the standard mark, town mark (London I think) and date letter (pretty sure its 1900 - but will await to see what you say!!)

I have read all the FAQ’s, tips and sticky’s but can’t for the life of me see how you add a picture into this text box :blush: So you will have to follow my links!!

Here is a picture of the hallmark… … 4c9fd1.jpg

and with flash (realise its not recommended but I think it makes it a bit clearer) … 239165.jpg

It has a Swaine badge on it too… … 884431.jpg

And the initials JSMM stamped on the collar… … 458d61.jpg

I really hope these links work!!!

I would be very grateful if you could give me some information on these marks. So far I have learnt that the first insciption is the makers mark, then the standard mark, then the mark for London and finally the date stamp which I think from research is 1900 - please let me know what you think!! :laughing:

If anyone can put these pictures in for me - please feel free to do so :laughing:

You were nearly there with the images - all you have to do now is to bracket the URL with at the end instead of the HTML tags and . The easy way is to click on the “Img” button while composing your message, paste the URL and then click “Img” again.

So here are your pictures:

You are also pretty nearly there with the hallmarks - yes it is London 1900. Unfortunately I am having difficulty with the maker; I think the initials are HW (what do you think?), but I cannot find a suitable candidate, although several HWs are listed.

Thank you very much Silvermakersmarks :smiley:

I have found this fascinating and will now be searching the house for more hallmarks!!

Re the makers initials - my son thinks they are MW (he has young teenage eyesight!!) but looking on the Government site for silver marks - i couldn’t find any MW’s at all so assumed that this is not correct.

I am not sure if the line above the two letters is a deep scratch or meant to be there!

If it’s MW then the maker could be Moritz Wolfsky of Wolfsky & Co.

Oh interesting, I take it that Moritz Wolfsky would have been working around 1900 then? I am off to Google him!