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Hi. I am new to this site.


Hi. I am new to the site. I am looking for a business of my own actually. I want to trade my pictures, or purchase antique silver. I am here to learn I guess. I do not know about the marks for silver. Or which is which. I am posting to see if there are collectors willing to buy from me. I am thinking of searching for good silver. But I would need a buyer. I am in Southern California. I would prefer people from close by. I wouldn’t charge much.

I am also an artist, and am looking for buyers or trade. If you want to know more about me go and copy and paste the following:

You will see my site. Any questions are welcome. My name is Pete Marchesi. I am from South Africa. I am not a very good artist. But my art is not meant to be that good. It is all basically for decoration. And that should not cost much. We own restaurants in California. Just one now. You are welcome to come to dinner.


Hi Pete

Welcome to the forum. We are primarily in the business of information interchange. We have a small core of people who are happy to share their knowledge and answer your questions about silver.

Would love to visit your restaurant and talk silver, but California’s a bit too far from the UK!

Well, thank you. I don’t know much about silver, except that it costs less than gold. A lot less. I plan on going through Craigslist, if that is a good idea. A lot of people are starting to barter. I don’t know if I like that.


Sunny California is a little bit better than the UK. Do you still have the out of fashion taxis?

(How’s the economy.)[/url]

Can anyone tell me about the insignia?

If there is anybody wanting help with research in California, Nevada (the silver state), Texas or Oregon. I will gopher for you.