Hi, im new, and wanted to share my collection

Hi im John, I have a small collection, but few very collectible coins. I just started collecting not too long ago, and I also trade coins with people who REALLY wants something from my collection and I want something from theirs. I dont take pictures of them but I do have a youtube videos of some coins. Im about to make a video just to show some collectible coins. If anyone interested in trading, let me know. I dont sell coins!!! Check out my youtube video and let me know what you think. And if you live in DFW area, “im a photojournalist” and I decided to go around all the local coin dealers and review them. Who is a snake and try to steal from people or who OVER CHARGE, who has an extremely good knowledge of coins. If you have any questions Ill try to answer to my best knowledge.
Im glad i found this site, and hope to meet more people who are into collecting and possible trading or just teaching each other of the knowledge that some might not have.

The youtube channel is : youtube.com/user/CollectingS … ature=mhee

If im not allowed to post videos, im sorry in advance, ill post some pictures instead if its a problem.
Thanks again

Welcome to the site, John. Your youtube link is fine.