Hi - Items Wanted

Hello Fellow Collectors,

We’re looking for the following. Does anyone have any of these to sell?
• Georgian - Sterling Silver notatauction.co.uk/requests/anti … llector-2/
• Silver Buren Pocket Watches - notatauction.co.uk/requests/anti … t-watches/
• Antique Silver Easel Photo Frame - notatauction.co.uk/requests/anti … oto-frame/
• Silver Bladed Handled Tea Knives - notatauction.co.uk/requests/silv … -knives-2/

Just click the link and send an email if you do :slight_smile:

P.S. if you’re unsure - we’re a new site allowing anyone to source anything for free - run by collectors for collectors. Check it out!

Chris & Tom
(The Not at Auction Team)