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Hi there i am looking for help identifying a silver makers mark

the mark is an interlocked G N and is stamped 925. the style is art deco but i cannot tell the age. does anyone know this mark. thanks you

Post a clear picture of the mark and of the object it is on and let us know where you think it might have originated.


here you are, i bought this at an auction with some other silver items and the auction house described it as an “art deco dish marked 925”



o i have a spoon that has a mark that looks like a ewer does anyone recognise this

I can’t help with the dish but your spoon has a Scottish provincial mark. EL is Edward Livingstone who was working in Dundee between 1790 and 1824. The “pot of lilies” mark is strongly associated with Dundee silversmiths.


that’s great Phil. thanks so much for that. and thanks for the quick response