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Holger Rasmussen Candlesticks

Dear Mr. Franks,

My mother gave me a pair of these candlesticks from her late husbands estate to dispose of as I please. Since I have four children, (2 in college) and exist on disability I do want to sell them.
I did find the exact pair on a antique dealers site for sale for $1,100. and have verified the exact marks to be as stated. S
I have other silver items also I will be selling but do not want to go the ‘ebay’ or auction route.
Could you please verify the price and perhaps some suggestions as to how I should procede with selling them?
The marking are as follows; STERLING, HR (IN SCRIPT), DENMARK, 925. I would certainly appreciate any help you may be able to give me.
I have attached a link to the web page showing the picture of them since I was not able to attach the picture. … 352670.htm)