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Hoping for some help on these marks...

Hi all:

I’m hoping that someone will be able to help me identify these marks. I’ve also included pictures of the gravy boat & underplate, which are both signed with the same marks, as well as pictures of the marks. I’m afraid the pictures lost of bit of clarity with reducing the pixel size, but I think it’s still decipherable.

The top marks are: a clover looking thing - a crown - a standing lion

The second row of marks are: a squiggly looking thin - a star - a squiggly looking thing

The third row of marks are: E B M & S (I think)

The fourth row of marks are: 44/26

The fifth row marks are: COPPER MOUNTS

Many thanks for help of any kind!

Cheers ~ Lizzie

Those marks were used by Elizur G. Webster & Son, New York and Brooklyn, New York. The ompany was sold to International Silver in 1928. … 001vs9.jpg

Hi Snuffer!

Thanks so much… you are a dear!

Cheers ~ Lizzy

Hi Lizzy,
I’m replying to an old post of yours because My mother has a meat platter with the same marks as your gravy boat, that someone here identified as Elizur G. Webster & Son. Mine also says “copper mounts” like yours. I am wondering if my platter is sterling or silver-plate; what was your gravy boat? Did you find out the significance of the pictorial marks above the initials, or the numbers below them?
I live in Dallas; don’t collect but have written about English and Irish silver, and trying to learn about American silver.