how old are these markings?

Hi been trying to research these markings for a while now and have only come up with the fact that they marked silver with .925 or sterling after 1868 so im assuming this is from before that but i havnt a clue please help
The marking beside the single “S” says “SILVER”

start to polish the silver so you clean the mark - then we can see again.

i am nervous to do so because i didnt want to detract from the value

if value = dirt then I say :frowning:

I think that what my friend is trying to say is that silver is supposed to be shiny. A gentle polish will improve its looks enormously and reveal the markings.

after photos, hope its a bit more clear

Thanks for the help guys

hey cmon guys really need your help on this even shined it all up so you can see the markings ,can anyone give me any info?

thanks in advance

Well, oohshiny, our lack of a response is actually a collective “duhhhhhhh” - we just don’t know. I’ve looked in all my refereence books for the “C&S” and don’t see anything, but the mark that throws me the most, and probably some of the other people, is the one word “silver”…its just not a word we see on silver without some other word such as “sterling”, “coin”, “plate”, “nickel” or the like. Very unusual.

Sorry, but you can be sure a lot of very experienced folks have looked at it. And just for the record, those are the only marks?

Uncle Vic

well thanks for takin a look any ways bummer you guys are stumped .ye those are the only marks on it iv inspected it carefully.