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How to start collecting Silver.

Hello all, I’ve posted on here a couple of times regarding the few pieces of Silver I own, but am now thinking of collecting it.

I’m a complete novice and don’t expect to ever be a really serious collector, but am keen and was wondering if anyone could recommend any places to buy/any advice on how starting out. As I say, I’m a complete novice.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:


Hi Alexi,
A couple of suggestions:

  • there are several small silver items which are collected e.g. pin cushions, vestas, thimbles, spoons, cream jugs, fruit knives, napkin rings, snuff boxes, vinaigrettes etc. Pick one which you think may interest you - there’s a bit of social history with each.
  • buy at auction get to know the feel, weight, patina, flaws etc. Talk to the auctioneers/valuers to find out how often pieces in your field come up
  • buy the best you can afford
  • research makers in your chosen field. Libraries are great resources.
    Get a loupe and hallmark book.
    Get to know makers marks of any specialist makers.
    Visit silver collections which have items of interest.
    Ask questions, a forum such as this is very useful and informative.
    Keep records of purchases and catalogue them
    Think about how to display the items.
    I’m sure other folks can improve on this.
    Hope it helps.