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The grand-daddy of websites on silver hallmarks, this superb site has without doubt the largest collection of hallmarks available to search online.

Highly recommended.

Hello Jonathan!

Thanks for this wonderfull link :smiley:

Since about 15 years I searched to identify the hallmarks on my lovely butterknife. It is silver plated and I could´nt find such hallmarks. Now I know it ist from Elkington in Birminghiam!

Greetings and kisses from Germany

Hello there,

I know this site and i had much pleasure with it. The details and info are exceptional but…
Since i cleaned up my PC i can’t seem to “hold on” to the site.
Every time when i open it it starts to download and the page builds up. When it’s totaly ready…the screen goes blank/white and whatever i doe, it keeps doing that.

It’s a shame couse it’s the best determing site of silver on the net.

Does anyone know how i can fix this?


Wow!!!..I can stay in this site for hours. Thanks for the great find.

I found that this is a good site to learn about Silver. How about

Yes that is a very useful site.

See also as I find this of great use when determining makers marks.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the “plug”, Gemma, and welcome to the forum.

like :smiley: