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Hutton Sheffield silver(?) hip flask

My boyfriend purchased this hip flask from a barware store in Los Angeles, but the shop owner didn’t know anything about it. The bottom of the flask is stamped with 8 arrows total (4 arrows crossing another 4 arrows) and “HUTTON SHEFFIELD 0215”

What I’ve been able to find out online:

  1. There was a Sheffield-based silversmith and plating company called William Hutton & Sons.
  2. William Hutton & Sons acquired Creswick & Co in 1902 and began to use their crossed arrows marks.
  3. William Hutton & Sons was absorbed by James Dixon & Sons in 1930.

What I’d like to know:

  1. Is this flask sterling silver? Silver-plated pewter?
  2. About what year is it from?
  3. About how much might it be worth?

Since I can only attach 3 photos to this post, I’ve uploaded the rest to imgur:

Thanks in advance!!

William Hutton & Sons English Pewter, Sheffield. Began use
of the crossed arrows mark around 1900.
I would suggest of little commercial value I’m afraid