I bought this CUTLERY in the UK. MARKINGS?

I’ve found out about these hallmarks on the cutlery I bought. I wonder how old is it. Any value to it? Markings seem to say ME@ C, am I right? IMG_0946

I don’t recognise any of the marks as being English. They are certainly not English or British hallmarks and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of silver fineness so I believe that your pieces cannot be silver. As such they have no intrinsic value but may have some value for decorative or utility purposes.


I assume these were silvered only. Is there a way to recognize how old are these or who might have used them? Bought them really cheaply for decorationa purposes. Maybe could resell with profit.

Identifying age requires an identification of the marks - that will give an idea of when they might have been in use. They appear to be of a fairly common basic style so that won’t help.