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I bought this thinking it was VERY OLD but???

I bought this in Charleston, SC in 1992. I was told it was from King Henry. However now that I started my research I think it might not be as old as I think. First what is it? Second how old is it? And third what is it worth? I was told the glass was hand blown. The markings (in order) are crown, lion,flag with W&H and a lower case K. On top is stamped 51585 Walker & Hall Sheffield England. Then under that is 52. I payied a small fourtune and want to find out what I have. Thank you all. Stan

Well, even without a picture, I can tell you that it is not Henry VIII or any previous King Henry. Henry VIII ruled from 1509 to 1547. There has been no King Henry since Henry VIII. Walker & Hall were founded circa 1845.

Post a picture and we might be able to tell you what you actually have.



I am very sorry I thought I did post a picture. I will try again. Stan
If this does not work is there an email I can send them to?