I need help identifying this silvermark?

Hi, and thanks for letting me join :slight_smile:

I recently bought this brooch on ebay and it is marked at one end with 925 which I understand to be sterling silver … the other end has marks I cannot identify so any help will be gratefully received … I have tried to research online and it may be an import mark? It seems to be an ‘omega’ or astrological sign, with another little mark, then 98 or 9B? It was listed as vintage ‘Victorian style’ and has a rollover clasp so I assume perhaps modern (maybe 98 is the year)? I like the brooch and didn’t pay a lot so I don’t mind if it’s more modern than listed, I’d just like to find out more as I am curious (and it will give me more information for my future collecting).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!