I need help to identify the figurines used on this box

There is no makers mark or sterling mark, anywhere on the box. It tests to be silver, but what purity I have no idea. The edges of the silver colored metal appears to have a heavy tarnish. The inside of the container has a felt or possibly leather. The metal appears to be fastened to a wood underneath, the bottom is a dark colored wood, possibly stained. There is a possible date on the reverse, it is very feint. I captured it with my phone. It shows it as being 1630 or 1880. Having no makers mark or any hallmarks, and from my research it could be 1630. I do not recall when the English made it a standard for makers to use hallmarks.
My question is fairly straight forward. What culture what people made this box? What is the design? most likely? I have looked at Mayan, Aztec, Mexican, Guatemalan, Indian (Hindu), Alaskan - Inuit.