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I think I have Fake silver Ladles

My wife recently purchased a pair of Ladles off ebay as a present. When I received them I was delighted as they satisfy my passion for spoons etc.

The seller described them as
Assayed in Edinburgh
Date letter Y 1855
With the maker as RG
The hallmarks from from the top of the ladle are as pictured

On checking the hallmarks I found that the ladles were indeed assayed in Edinburgh but the date letter was also a Y but this was the date letter for 1777 I find this difficult to have been an oversight as the ladles both have the monarchs head as part of the hallmark Queen Victoria. I am seeking some advice is there a governing body that should be informed of my findings.

Any comments or assistance would be gratefully recieved

Thanks Derek
Ladle Hallmarks_edited-1.jpeg

I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Derek. Your picture shows a completely normal 1855 hallmark. It is true that the 1777 mark includes a similar “Y” as the date letter but the punch shapes are completely different and of course the earlier mark does not include duty mark.


Thank you for the information provided it is a real help and has helped me learn something new. I should look at the whole picture instead of focusing on one part of the hallmark.

Once again thanks for the information