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ID Cake Server

I need some help! I recently found this cake/pie server at a thrift store and have not been very successful in identifying it. The handle looks like Anton Wingen, Solingen but the only mark on this, is different than any of his other marks. The mark almost reminds of a compass rose, but not quite. There is an x with a long line intersecting it. Then there is a sguiggly circle around the intersection along with 4 M’s or W"s in between the lines. I can find Wingen knives and forks and a few other utensils that the handle matches, but none of them have this mark. I cannot find a single cake/pie server out there like this. I would be thrilled if someone can tell me anything about this. I would also love to know if it is worth anything. I have attached two pictures~~~not so great, but the best I could do! Thanks so much, Denise