ID my spoon hallmark please

Hello all, first time on here so I hope I’ve posted correctly! I have obtained these spoons and am baffled as to what the marks are and was hoping that someone on here could help and diminish my stress of trying to find them!!!
0802 004.JPG
0802 003.JPG
0802 002.JPG

Hi there,

They look like lovely spoons!

It looks like they are the maker’s mark stamped twice.

The spoons look like they are British. From around the 1750s-1770s. They are known as picture-back spoons (for obvious reasons :wink: ) They may be provincial, or simply a maker trying to get out of paying duty on the spoons.

Hope that helps a bit,


Hi Ben
Thanks for your input, since I enquired I sold the spoons to Michael Baggot from Flog It and he told me they were made by Samuel Thompson of Durham c1760 who made quite a lot of those scroll back teaspoons