id needed

Hi can you help to id this hallmark year, i know it is birmingham but i need help on the year.
These items are for sale on ebay, Sterling Silver Tea Service 4 Pieces Birmingham (260108773374) but after a few questions the seller can not convince me of the year of manufacture. To save time in writing the sellers discription it will be easier to check ebay. As you will see i do not want to bid on something that is $400.00 Aus (200 pounds) or more without being sure.
Thanks for the help
Gee from sunny Australia :smiley:

Looks like 1955.
William Suckling Ltd. used that mark.

Hi thanks snuffer that has cleared up the misunderstanding, has anyone noticed on the Birminghan web ( ) where you can look up year stamps 1955 is shown as G so is 1956 must be a misprint, can anyone recomend a web site for checking year dates and hallmarks as i find most only like to deal with early marks before 1920 ish, my collection is George V1 1936/1953 and yrs 39-45 my passion.
Thanks again snuffer.
Gee from Australia :smiley:

Here’s a site with date marks up to 1999.

Hi Gee.
Try this site it may help you out … rksTB.html

I have had some use from this site.
Regards Steve…