Id TBar English marks silver please

Hi All.
I have a Tbar attached to chain. The Tbar marks i would like clarified/identified please.
On the left hand side of the bar is the assay mark & date letter , on the right hand side of the bar is the maker mark. There is no town mark. From the marks i have i would like if possible what town & who is the maker?.
Thanks in advance as always.

I am unable to give a definitive answer to this query but I can speculate with a fair degree of confidence.

This is almost certainly a Birmingham mark but the date letter could be lower case o for 1913 or upper case O for 1938. My guess would be 1913.

J.R is more difficult as there is no comprehensive reference for Birmingham makers’ marks. However many Birmingham workers also registered their marks at Chester, which was a less busy assay office than Birmingham and in my reference for Chester I find an identical J.R mark registered by James Rooker of Warstone Lane, Birmingham. He registered 30 November 1898, describing himself as a “gold and silver chain maker and jeweller”. So watch case T-bars would definitely have been among his output. There is therefore a strong possibility that your T-bar was made by him.


Hi Phil , i am certainly glad i asked the question because the closest J.R inside the rectangle lozenge i could find was John Ross but i still had my doubts about that one. I dont have any record of a James Rooker anywhere so maybe he was short lived as a smithy or not very popular ?.
I agree with the letter o being lower case as that were my thoughts also.
Again very much appreciate your knowledge on the subject