Identification Help Much Appreciated

Hi there, my name is Paul and I’m new to this stuff. I recently inherited a pretty old silver set from my mother that I believe may be 18th century or around there but I can’t be certain. I’ve searched for weeks trying to discover the name of the set and the few single pieces I have but no luck. If anyone has seen them before or knows I would greatly appreciate the help! Thank you. Here are the pictures of what I have.

To give you a start the last picture is Simpson, Hall & Miller’s “Edgewood Maple” pattern. It’s probably early 20th century or very late 19th century.



Thank you so much for that!

Hi again, would you by chance happen to know any information about the golden sugar spoon in the pictures? I can’t seem to find one identical anywhere.

The mark looks like that of the Manchester Silver Co, but in mirror image to the normally seen one. The pattern seems to come up in searches as “Pierced Handle” - I’m not sure whether that is the official name.


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Thank you sir I’ll dig in and see what comes up. I’ll keep you posted.